Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project #13


  1. The Teachers,

    I think this is a great example of PBL and I think that if I was allowed to learn about Geometry this way I would have actually enjoyed that class rather than dreaded it. Good work!


    You need to resize your presentation. It's too big and the sidebar is hiding part of it.

  2. Thanks Bailey! I am not sure why it posted to my blog so big. I thought I selected small, but I guess I selected something else.

  3. The math house demo will not work for me. Does it for you? Is it PC only? If so, that will not do. I see that you have available to you the Maryland materials. That is good, but I am not sure how the STUDENT will make use of them. they appear to be materials for teachers to use. Which materials do you intend for students to use and how will they use them?

    A good start but there remain many questions. That is to be expected since this is probably your first lesson plan and, in addition, you have never taught a class. You need to start somewhere, however. You will learn by making mistakes, thinking about your plans, looking at the plans of others (there are loads on the Internet). When you actually start teaching you will learn from experience - the best teacher of all.

    Good start.

  4. I used the math house demo on PC. I enjoyed it. I have not tried to use this demo on mac. I will definitely check into that.