Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Post #11

After watching Little Kids.. Big Potential, I am amazed that these young student's are so technologically inclined. Ms. Cassidy has set up blogs for all of her students. In the video the students talk about their blogs. One student comments on the fact that they aren't allowed to put mean things on their blogs, because it can hurt someone's feelings. I am glad this topic has been addressed. The students were using wikis. This amazes me because, I didn't even know what wikis were before this class. Truthfully, I didn't really understand what they looked like until I saw them in the video. I also like how the classrooms are able to interact with other classrooms using Skype. DS's in classrooms! Never would have thought about teaching with this technology. I let my children play educational games with their DS's sometimes but it never occurred to me that it could be used in the classroom.

One of the main points I want to talk about in Ms. Cassidy's Skype interview, is the comment about pen and paper not being appealing to the children. I agree with this. I agree that blogs make children want to do better. When we were in class on Tuesday we talked about work being displayed in the classroom in elementary school's for parents and other people to see when they walk in the classroom. In the case of blogs, the whole world can see what they are writing and doing. This makes the students want to do better work as they progress. They are also able to see how many views they get, so this can entice them to want to work harder to attract attention to their blog as at computer


  1. I agree that children try to post their best work on their blog because they know other people are viewing it. I also try to post my best work on my blog because I know others ore viewing. Would you consider using wikis in your future classroom?

  2. So will you have your students blog? I hope so!

  3. I like your enthusiasm, but watch for comma splices.

  4. Dr. Strange I will definitely use blogs in my classroom!

  5. Using Nintendo DS's in the classroom is such a great idea because the kids already use them to play fun games at home. So they'll have lots of fun using them for more educational purposes, too!

    Like Sherri said, be careful where you place your commas!