Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blog Post 16 (Final Reflection)

I am going to be teaching secondary math. I am not sure yet if I will be teaching middle or high school. I am leaning more toward middle school.

The main method I am going to use in my classroom will be flipping the classroom. I learned this method in one of the assignments Dr. Strange assigned in EDM310. I think this is the perfect setup for a math classroom. Students can work at their own pace and help each other out.

My student's will definitely be using iCurio and DiscoveryEd. In one of our assignments we were to choose one of the topics, iCurio or DiscoveryED, and give a little information about it. I chose to do DiscoveryED. However, after watching the youtube discussion about iCurio and the discussion about DiscoveryED on youtube, I think I will favor iCurio. Another tool my students will use in the classroom is iPads. The iPad allows so much information at the touch of a button. A tool that I will use the most will be the Smartboard. The Smartboard allows interaction with the students and learning. We had an assignment this semester to create a lesson on the smartboard. My oldest child was involved in the lesson and he enjoyed it so much. Students enjoy interacting with the lesson. It allows them to be involved and not just sitting idly by listening and being bored.

I will definitely use project based learning in my classroom. This will allow for fun learning! EDM310 is project based learning. It requires you to be an independent learner. Throughout this class we were given several projects and we were not babied through them. We had to do them ourselves. I learned more by actually doing the project than I would have learned if Dr. Strange would have gotten in front of the class and talked about how to do the different projects. I think I will be helping my students to learn and gain some responsibility by incorporating project based learning into my class and not just burp back education.

I wouldn't change much about my first blog. I definitely think it should have been longer, but my content I still agree with. I said in my first post that I would want my students to be taught by hands on. Earlier in this post I stated that I will be incorporating project based learning into my classroom, which will be hands on. The information in my first post basically matches what I stated earlier in this post.

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  1. "...we were not babied through them. We had to do them ourselves." The only way to learn!

    So go and do it!

    Good luck.