Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blog Post #10

man at the podium
What can we learn about teaching and learning from Randy Pausch?

Let me begin by saying, I was not looking forward to watching this video. I have let this video be the last thing on my to do list. This was a mistake. I am so glad we were assigned the video for Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.. I was truly touched by this video. One thing we can learn from Randy Pausch is how to live life. He didn't feel sorry for himself even though he was in the end times of his life. If I ever am faced with the situation of knowing my life is coming to an end, I hope I we be able to touch people as he did and not get depressed.

Another thing we can learn from his video is to never give up on our dreams. He, in some form or fashion, accomplished almost all of his childhood dreams. The one dream he did not accomplish, he was glad he didn't accomplish it. He brought up the brick wall a couple of times in his lecture. He said, "the brick walls are there to show how bad we want something." This is so true! How many times have I given up on something because I hit the brick wall and turned around and went the other way. The brick wall is to weed out the people who aren't meant to get on the other side.

I didn't get as much educational knowledge from this video as I did life knowledge. There is one educational aspect I grasped from this video and that was, "the best way to teach someone something is have them think they are doing something else." I like this idea. This is what project based learning is all about.


  1. The one dreams he did not accomplish, i think that you should take the "s" off of dream. I like what you said about the brick wall. I sometimes find myself giving up on things that I want because I get stopped by a brick wall.

  2. This post looks rushed. Fix the size of the picture and summarize the video. Be sure you fix the spelling of "can" in the first sentence because you spelled "cane." Watch out for grammatical errors and simple mistakes. I know you do it!

  3. "Let me begin by saying, I was not looking forward to watching this video. " Why? Because it was an hour long? Why limit your learning to only 5 minutes?

    "I didn't get as much educational knowledge from this video as I did life knowledge." Then you missed a lot. Yes, he is a powerful advocate for project based learning.

  4. Dr. Strange, let me clarify what I meant by saying that. I did get alot of knowledge of project based learning from this video but I got more life knowledge from it. The "brick wall" for example, this meant so much to me at this point in my life. I continue to run into walls in my life and find myself struggling at whether to climb over them or not. Also, how he accepted the fact that he wasn't going to be around much longer. I think about the things I struggle at and how sour I become at times. Seeing how happy and upbeat reminded me, I don't have it that bad in life.