Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog Post #14

to computer linking together with chairs around themTechnology is used in all specialties. I stumbled across this website by mistake and shared it with Dr. Strange. I think this website would be good to use in a blog post. Using the website, 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning, find a tool that interest you, summarize what it is used for and tell why it interests you. I visited this site and the tool that most interests me is the quick screen share. There is a short video that explains what this tool does. This tool is used when you are screen sharing with someone. If you are having a problem or want someone to look at something. You share a one time URL with your "buddy." Then they are linked to your computer. They can see your computer screen or you can see their computer screen. Also, there is a link you can enable to allow someone access to your computer as long as you don't move your mouse. I find this particular tool to be helpful because so many times I have problems know what to do. With this tool, someone can help you fix something in no time at all.


  1. Really useful. I'll add next semester. Thanks

  2. Tonya,

    I really think that your links are helpful, however you really should have presented this post in a better format. It's jumbled together and difficult to determine where the "assignment prompt" is and where the "answer" starts. Mostly my concern is just in aesthetics and that this post isn't very long or detailed. I think you could have, in your answer as part of the assignment, given a better description of the website where the students would go.