Sunday, July 14, 2013

C4T #4

Post #1

I was assigned my original C4T blog page, Reflections of a High School Math Teacher. I read the blog he posted on April 26, 2012, Reverse Your Questions: Energizing Teaching Tools. In this blog post, Mr. Stokley writes that when you reverse the question, the question becomes more engaging than asking the same question over and over. He also writes that when you reverse the question, it becomes more of an open ended question. One of the examples he uses is, "Geometry: Original Question: What is the area of this parallelogram given the height is 4 cm and the base is 10 cm? Reversed Question: Find the base and height of a parallelogram given the area is 40 square cm." I commented on his post saying: 
What a great idea!  Reverse the question.  Using the examples you listed in your post, it seems easier to come up with the question when given the solution.

word blog with someone standing behind it with their hand raised

C4T Post #2

I was given the blog page What Now? What Next? So What? The post I read was titled Tears. The author of this blog is teachernz. In his post he tells us that one of his students planted trees on Arbor Day. He posted that when he came in he wasn't able to speak to him about it much and later the child tweeted him. She then asked him about the trees and he told her he would "make a doc." She posted that the child is 9 and follows him on twitter with parental consent. This was my comment to him: My name is Tonya and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. It is nice to hear of a child taking interest and going out to plant trees. It brings joy to my heart to know that our children care about this Earth and the beauty in it. Also, it truly amazes me that children are so high tech today. I am amazed that your student knew what twitter was and actually knew how to use it. I am just now trying to learn the basics of twitter.


  1. #1 Erased?

    #2 TeacherNZ is a male He teaches in New Zealand. he is a big user of twitter and has his class use twitter.

  2. Thank you Dr. Strange for clarifying. I checked his profile to see if there was a self portrait or a name, but couldn't find anything of that sort.