Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog post #1


Krissy Venosdale and and Mitra have a different approach to education, they both have a dream. Venosdale wants to make the classroom an inviting atmosphere for children. She wants to build a school that is welcoming to children and that children will want to go to. The picture I got in my mind whle reading her post was amazing. Mitra has experimented with hole in the wall computers. I find it amazing that children teach themselves by interacting with the computers. It makes me wonder, in the future will there be a need for teachers at all? Will computers be the teachers?

My classroom will be one that children will want to come to. If possible I will paint the walls with bright colors to stimulate their minds. My ideal class will be 6th grade math. Math is not a fun subject for most, so I want them to enjoy it as much as possible.

What I Want My Students To Know

I would want my students to know that they can be anyone they want to be and go anywhere they want to go. I would want them to know that they can learn as much as they want to learn with the technology set before them.

What Do I Want My Students To Be Able To Do?

I want my children to be able to grasp technology and to be able to use technology as an advantage. I believe technology will be a big part of the future and it will be hard to succeed if you do not have a grasp of what is going on.

What Tools Will I Be Using In Class? I intend to use all tools possible. I want to use the computer, Ipad, smart board and any other technological learning tool that will be available at that time.

What Will Be My Primary Way Of Teaching?

My primary way of teaching will be hands on. I believe all people learn from experience and not just by being told something. I will put the computer in front of the students so they can learn the skills they need by interacting with computer games and not just by listening to me talk. Computers make learning fun no matter what the age.

What Role Will Students Play In The Classroom?

My students will be my feedback. They will let me know what activities they enjoy and what types of activities they learned best from.


  1. I think "hands on" is the best way to teach students because they can't grasp the lesson without actually experiencing the lesson. Students experiencing the lesson need all the tools they can get.

  2. How do you create hands-on learning opportunities for students?

    More specificity and more examples would make your post much better.